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The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.”- Ken MacLeod.
Most of us who are just starting on with freelance writing are often puzzled about how to be a freelance writer, and how to begin freelance writing. To begin freelance writing is one of the most challenging tasks if you are a newbie, but it is also the simplest ways to make money online.
The life of a freelance article writer is not an easy one, but if you know how to write articles that captivate your readers, and have your writing skills up to par, you can begin freelance writing with ease. Whether you want to work full time or part time, to begin a freelance writing is a great gig to get into. With the internet that has opened a whole new world of opportunities for freelance writers, you can choose any subjects you are interested in and get paid for it.

Mentioned below are 5 tips to begin freelance writing to get started:

1.Gain Knowledge about Freelance Writing

You need to first visit a library or hunt the Internet, to read writing-related books. Check out books, articles, journals, or anything related to gain knowledge about the types of writing like copywriting, editing, freelance writing, business writing, and more. Reading books or material related to writing would help you choose the direction you want to take to begin freelance writing.


2.Make a Plan

List out what all you can write, topics that interest you, how much would you be able to accomplish in a day, and how much of time would you be willing to devote to freelance writing. You need to know your main goal to begin freelance writing, how much do you aim to achieve in one or three years from now, along with the steps you plan taking to achieve it.


3.Write Everyday

Whether you write about any topic that interests you, or simply write by creating your resume or portfolio, or you send out a magazine query, make it a daily habit to write something towards reaching your goal as a freelance writer. One of the 5 tips to begin freelance writing is to start by writing at least 500 words daily, as practice alone will make you perfect.
To become a good freelance writer and get ahead of the rest, you need to work on your freelance writing so that an editor is willing to publish your work.


4.Join Local Groups and Professional Associations

Joining in with any local group can be a great help for you to grow as a freelance writer. Look around for freelance writer groups that suit your interests and goals, or try logging onto meetup.com to find if there are any freelance writers in your area.
You could join freelance writers groups or professional associations like LinkedIn , Odesk, or Professional Writers Association, that gives you the opportunity to belong to a group of like-minded freelance writers. These are place where you can share information, advice, and tips on how to be successful in freelance writing.


5.Look Out for Freelance Writing Job Opportunities

Once the above tips to begin freelance writing are covered, you need to search for freelance writing job opportunities. You can pick up a copy of ‘The Writer’s Market’, which is great for new writers  as it has a market listing for magazines, tips and tools to develop query letters, information on agents, and great advice from experts on how to be a good writer.
You could even look for freelance writing job opportunities online on the various search engines, for which you can go through my article on how to find online jobs for freelance article writers.
Remember these 5 tips to begin freelance writing are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more areas to be covered, which you can read while navigating through the rest of this blog.
Do you also have some tips to share? What tips to begin freelance writing would you add to this list? Share in the comments below.

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